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10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament


Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Dogs make awesome best friends, and nobody knows this better than a dog lover! They lavish their pets with presents and endless affection, sometimes to the point of forgetting that they deserve gifts too. Honestly, to a dog lover, a gift for their dog is also a gift for them. Both dog and owner will love a pet-themed present.

To help you show these people how much you really appreciate them, we’ve put together 28 amazing gifts you can give the dog lovers in your life.

1. DIY Dog Food Station

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Addicted 2 DIY

Know a big dog who loves sharing their food and water with the floor at every meal? Gift their owner this dog food station that comes with its own storage. It’ll help the pup stay clean during meal times, and it’s super easy to refill.

2. Dog Collar and Tie

Help your friend’s pup look like the most dapper dog at the next shindig with this cute collar and tie. Whether it’s a dog in a wedding or just at the next family holiday, this outfit will make sure they’re fully pup-pared for the event.

3. Personalized Dog Puzzle

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

Gift a friend a truly personalized dog gift in the form of this custom puzzle. Find the cutest picture of a friend and their dog and you’re good to go.

4. Best Boy Bookends

The ideal gift for a dog lover who also loves to read, these bookends are a great addition to any bookshelf. They look stylish, protect the books from harm and make adorable accent pieces.

5. Watermelon Dog Treats

It’s no secret that dogs love watermelons. Help a dog lover’s best friend cool down in the summer with these watermelon and greek yogurt frozen treats. They’re tasty and low-cal, but remember to double-check that there aren’t any seeds or rinds.

6. Stamped Dog Coasters

Dog lovers are never tired of dog-themed decor, especially if it shows their favorite pup. Make and gift these simple coasters with your friend’s preferred pooch stamped on them.

7. Mod Podge Pet Portrait

Getting good-quality portraits of a pet isn’t something most pet owners splurge on. If you’re camera savvy, snap a pic of your friend’s pet, and turn it into a great gift for pet lovers. These tips for taking engagement photos with dogs can also serve as inspiration for any pet portraits. Your friend will love how cute this portrait is, and here’s the best part about making it – no art skills are required.

8. Coconut Oil Frozen Dog Treats

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Hello Nature

Coconut oil does wonders for dogs, so if you know an owner-and-dog duo who love their coconuts, why not make them a bunch of these treats? These make perfect gifts for dogs. To make it as healthy as can be, put some frozen fruit in the middle.

9. Dog Toy Bag

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

If a dog owner is looking for a convenient way to stash dog toys, why not gift them this drawstring bag? It’s stylish, useful, and doesn’t take up too much room. Not only that, it can be customized, so it’s truly something special just for them.

10. Cute Pillow Dog Bed

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Horses & Heels

Know a pup that loves to relax? Make them the perfect pillow to snooze on and stamp it with cute patterns that match the owner’s decor.

11. DIY Custom Sweatshirt

Dog owners know that the amount of dog hair on their clothes is directly related to how much their dog loves to cuddle. This cute sweatshirt is all they really need to show how much they love their dog in return.

12. Mid-century Pet Bed

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Our Nerd Home

Retro decor is back in style, so make sure a friend’s pup keeps up with the times. Make this pet bed for the pooch of a particularly retro friend and watch it become an instant classic in their home.

13. Animal Silhouettes

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Painted Therapy

This rustic, minimalist wooden silhouette is the perfect low-key way to show that you’re a dog person. Get creative and gift a friend their new favorite piece of home or office decor.

14. Custom Dog Treat Jar

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

This treat jar doubles as a cute addition to a dog owner’s kitchen and a new place to store their best friend’s favorite snacks. Personalize it with a name or phrase to make it truly special.

15. Canine Wine Toppers

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Pretty Fluffy

With enough creativity, any object can be dog-themed, no matter how small. Add a little pizzazz to a dog lover’s next dinner party by gifting them these dog wine toppers.

16. Dog Collar Sleeves

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Pretty Fluffy

Having a fast and easy way to change up a dog’s primary fashion accessory is a must for any fashion-loving dog owner. Often, this means buying a bunch of different collars, but these collar sleeves erase all that hassle. Gift a friend some of these and watch their dog reach peak fashion in a matter of minutes. These also make great stocking stuffers in the holiday season for those dog Christmas stockings.

17. Dog Wine Glass Charms

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Proud Dog Mom

Sometimes, it’s the small things that show how much someone loves dogs. Make and gift a dog lover this cute wine glass accessory to add a little flair to their next wine-and-dine night.

18. Pet Planter

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Sew Doggy Style

Need a quick, cute gift for a dog lover with green thumbs? This pet planter is a truly adorable, thoughtful gift they’ll surely appreciate.

19. Custom Dog Bandanas

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

Bandanas are all the rage these days. Make sure a friend’s dog is keeping up with the latest trend and get them a personalized bandana for their pup.

20. Puppy Lovey

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Sweet Softies

It’s never too early to start loving dogs. Crochet this soft, cute puppy lovey for a recent addition to a dog lover’s family.

21. Adorable Dog Utensil Holder

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: The Scoop

Have a dog-loving friend that loves to cook? Make it an even better experience by giving them a dog that helps them in the kitchen by storing all their utensils.

22. Studded Dog Collar

Sometimes, all it takes to make a dog look even cooler is some stylish studs. Make this studded collar for a particularly punk friend and their dog so they can truly rock out together.

23. Dog Wall Clock

Most dog owners at work are perpetually looking forward to being home with their dog, so gift them a little reminder of their best friend in the form of this clock. It’s easy to make, and makes for a real morale booster at work.

24. DIY Pet Bed

Some dogs and their owners truly love to travel. Gift them a bed that represents this in the best way and looks fantastic while doing it.

25. Crochet Dog

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: All About Ami

Want to gift someone something truly special? Put your crochet skills to the test and craft these adorable dogs for that beloved dog enthusiast.

26. Personalized Pet Pillow

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

A perfect gift for a comfort-loving pup-and-person duo, this pillow serves as a cute accent for their fave snuggle spot. Make sure to customize it with their best memories.

27. Stylish Friendship Bracelets

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: The Broke Dog

Make and gift a friend these matching friendship accessories for them and their dog (their true best friend). Not only are these a true testament to the bond between a dog and a person, they’re also extremely stylish.

28. Personalized Dog Bowl

10 Ways to Upgrade a White Ornament

Source: Shutterfly

What’s the first accessory you think of when you think of a dog? A dog bowl! It’s the essential gift for a dog and owner. Customize this with their dog’s name to make it truly theirs.

Finding gifts for dog lovers is about letting them know you appreciate and understand their love for their canine best friends. As long as that sentiment comes through, it’s a great present that they’re sure to appreciate. So get set, gear up and create.


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